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Why Medad

Medad is a Cloud Platform that provides a rich collection of seamlessly integrated Apps, aimed to contribute to the efficiency of institutions that impact the growth of societies and nations.




Medad Platform streamlines the core functions of Learning,

Knowledge Management, and Organizational Effectiveness.

Medad empowers institutions to optimize their operations, improve engagement,

and make data-driven decisions, in alignment with their strategic objectives.


100+ Organizations

Since launching just three years ago, our platform has quickly become a trusted solution across a broad spectrum of organizations. This rapid adoption highlights our commitment to excellence, catering to a wide range of needs and a testament to our platform's ability to deliver innovative, reliable solutions in knowledge and education.


1M+ Users

Our platform proudly serves a vast network of patrons, students, staff and faculty surpassing 1 million users. This extensive reach is a clear indication of our product's ability to cater to diverse communities, providing access to essential library and education and learning services through empowering knowledge seekers everywhere.


99.9% Up Time

Experience unparalleled reliability with Medad, designed for high availability to ensure your services are always accessible, anytime and anywhere. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, our advanced infrastructure, automatic failovers, and robust backups keep your operations smooth and uninterrupted, around the clock.

Secured Excellence: Your Trust, Our Priority.

Prioritizing security and compliance, our cloud-based solution adheres to the highest industry standards, ensuring your data's integrity and confidentiality


Registered Cloud Computing Services Provider

Communication & Space Technology Certificate

Information Security Certification

Certified ISO 27001

Cloud Information Security Certification

Certified ISO 27017

Personal Information Protection

Certified ISO 27018

Cloud Security Alliance: Star Level One


Expert guidance fueling your success and meeting your ambitions.



Our Implementation services ensure a seamless transition to our platform. Tailored to your specific operational needs, we guide you through every step, from planning to go-live, ensuring your setup is optimized for success right from the start



Our Support team stands ready to offer immediate, expert solutions to any technical challenges. Committed to keeping your operations flawless and uninterrupted, we ensure help is always just a moment away.



We work with you to empower your team with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage our platform to its fullest. With rich workshops, we provide comprehensive learning tailored to various roles and skill levels.


Professional Services

We offer data migration and integration solutions that ensure your transition is as smooth as possible. Whether you're migrating existing data or integrating with other systems, our experts are here to make the process efficient and hassle-free.

Trusted by ambitious clients across diverse industries in the Middle East.


Ready to join the success?

What our clients say about us

The Library Management from Medad Cloud Platform will add a new dimension to Hafr Al-Batin University Library, enabling us to provide a range of intelligent services to our patrons, ensuring the efficiency of library operations, enhancing the user experience, and accelerating our library’s contribution to the scientific and academic field.

Hafr Al-Batin University

RHU is committed to excellence in education. Medad Library Services fosters our student’s research interests by providing ample and valuable resources for students and faculty with ease. We express our immense gratitude for the unlimited support in implementing, completing, and launching this project. We also commend you for the distinguished training program.


Rafik Harir University

Seeking assistance for your project?

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Seeking assistance for your project?

Let’s get in touch!

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