Course Evaluation & Survey Management

Institutional surveys in higher education have become one of the largest and most frequently used data sources for quality assessment.

Institutional survey data feed into evidence-based university decision making and are part of the institutional research practice, enabling institutions to see the “big picture” with all feedback data in one place.

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At MEDAD IEP, we provide an integrated automated system for institutional surveys and post-analysis. The system manages unlimited surveys and customizable templates and questionnaires, with real-time reporting and notification.

Our institutional effectiveness survey management system is designed to:

  • Provide an efficient review framework.
  • Support automated institutional surveys and feedback.
  • Supply unlimited and customizable survey templates and question banks.
  • Improve responses through invitations, notifications and reminders.
  • Support real-time intuitive dashboards and reports.
  • Support course evaluation dashboards and workflow management.

As part of the workflow and course evaluation process, a dedicated module provides the capability to analyze and interpret the quality of learning and teaching and the instructor’s performance. A role-based security system ensures that only authorized users can access online course evaluation forms and send data, thus assuring confidentiality.

The Course Evaluation offers

  • Streamlined course evaluation process.
  • Wizard for programs, and course evaluation.
  • Role-based authorized evaluations.
  • Customizable and flexible.
  • Course evaluation forms.
  • Evaluation scale.
  • Analysis of survey results
  • Dashboard and reports.