Digital Assets Repository

MEDAD Education Cloud Platform offers MEDAD Digital Assets Repository, which enables libraries and institutions to manage and make easily accessible all types of digital content. A standardized cloud-based digital repository enhances availability and interaction and ensures optimal management of digital assets and e-content.

Why MEDAD Digital Assets Repository?

Benefits of MEDAD Digital Assets Repository

MEDAD Digital Assets Repository has the following benefits:

All digital resources (e-books, archives, journals, multimedia, manuscripts, images, and much more) are available on a single platform.

The repository provides a tech-savvy environment, while ensuring security against hacking. Updates and backups are done at no additional cost.

Bibliographic catalogs and digital resources can be connected and made available through an Arabic-compliant search and retrieval system.

Enables metadata to be built according to internationally recognized standards, including (but not limited to) Dublin Core and Mark, with optimal speed and quality.

The digital library or digital repository is managed technologically at no additional cost.

The MEDAD digital platform team is available to fulfill any other digital content management requests.

Access to the digital repository is controlled using a sophisticated user and rights management system.

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