MEDAD Education Cloud Platform is a cloud service platform that is managed using best practices and global systems. It provides universities and educational institutions with the key systems they need:

  • Student information system
  • Institutional effectiveness system
  • Learning management system
  • Knowledge management and digital library system
  • Portal and eServices
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence

Challenges Facing Educational Institutions

in their digital transformation journey

High Capital cost on Institutions budgets

Implementation challenges and operational failures

Distracting intuitions from core Education Priorities

Exploiting Educational IT projects requirements consistency

Delaying the execution of IT projects in institutions which affect educational and operational processes

Exploiting Cloud Services Effectiveness

The Platform Empowers Your University with today’s Technologies

MEDAD Education Cloud Platform helps universities, colleges and higher education institutions of any size to better align their core academic and administrative processes with technology, and help them plan, implement, manage and maintain their digital transformation journey, allowing their institution to pursue innovative endeavors and leading to student success and ability to compete in today’s market.

The platform coordinates efforts at every level of the institution, creating a unified, collaborative portal for the university’s pursuit of institutional excellence.

Benefits to Academic Institutions

Ensure higher security for services provided and protection against penetration and hacking

Guarantee fast implementation of educational systems and provide it to end users in short times.

Take advantage of operational support in improving the efficiency of its performance

Ensure a higher rate of success in the systems implementation, and benefit from similar services implemented in the platform

Ability to adapt to variable demand volume (temporary high increases) without incurring significant additional continuous costs

Reduce the burden and effort on the management of educational institutions and enable them to focus on other educational and administrative priorities

Take advantage of past experiences and use best practices

Reduce the huge capital costs on hardware and operations

All-In-One Platform

The platform provides a suite of solutions, and many unique features and functionalities that make it an essential and comprehensive higher education platform.

The platform provides an ease of aggregating data and reporting, and immediate access to systems and services that are truly modern and in-trend with the global evolution of education.

It is fully customizable according to the needs of the university, able to provide the necessary capabilities based on those needs.

It is cloud based with web access interface, providing maximum capabilities for universities and the centralized localization of data.

Integration Has Never Been Easier
The biggest challenge with new software and technologies is adapting and integrating it with pre-existing or legacy software and tools. MEDAD takes care of this issue and allows simple and easy integration with pre-existing tools and software such as ERP, HR, LMS, SIS, accounts and ledgers etc., allowing seamless operations.
Available Through an Annual Subscription
Available to universities and colleges through an annual subscription model that enables them to select and use the competitively priced, high-quality systems and services they desire, backed by local training, support, cloud-managed services, and optional application management operational services.
Modern Architectural Design
A design that uses best practices and components, allowing for high independence and business continuity, with SLA assurance.

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